To give lifetime long memories as a present,
to great customers around the world,
from the greatest members in the world.

We dream of a world like this

In a foreign country, a elderly man lies on his deathbed.
As he reminisces his past, the memories of the time spent in Japan come to mind.

“Well, I went to Japan about ten years ago. I can still remember the vivid colors of the cherry blossoms I saw on that occasion. I am so happy I had the chance to go.”

We would like to give people around the world a present of memories similar to this one.
This is the world that we envision.



To make Japan a tourism-oriented country,
To increase the number of Japan fans,
To become Japan's driving force.

The significance of our existence in this world.

Until 2011, Japan used to have the world`s second highest GDP. However, for the first time in 42 years, it dropped to third place.
While it could still be considered an achievement in its own right, it can be said that Japan is not as successful as it was before.
Following the end of World War II, in just 23 years Japan managed to gain the spot of the second largest economy in the world.
Our ancestors struggled desperately in order to rebuild the country and bring it to the level of the world`s most prominent and influential nations.

It is up to us to create Japan`s next golden age.

We can no longer take for granted the incredible Japan our forefathers provided us.
In order to create a future where Japan is a beacon of light in the world, we take upon ourselves to make Japan a tourist-oriented country.

To increase the number of Japan fans.

We take into consideration that political problems between Japan and other nations could lead to a negative perception.
However, political stance is in no way related to individual popular sentiment.
If only given the chance to experience Japan once, anyone can be turned into a fan.
Political problems do not affect normal citizens. We are confident we can build a peaceful country.

To become Japan's driving force.