Media Coverage

2015/07/16 [NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW] NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW carry the story of FREEPLUS titled “ Tourism reality check “.
2014/07/16 [Nikkei Industry News] Recruitment Power〈DOWN〉(Page3)Adventure Recruitment Syestem and Prospective Employee Internship System were introduced as our company attract students even though it is small.
2014/06/24 [The Asahi Shimbun] The interview of representative, Suda about popular touristic place for customer from South East Asia was published in Pharmacy store New touristic place (p.11 evening paper).
2014/06/17 [Nippon Keizai News Paper]In the article, Emphasis on dialogue against hiring of new graduates in small and medium-sized giant Kansai (Kinki economy B 37 side) , our company's surprising event ,Job
2014/05/04 [YOMIMURI NEWS] Re-excavation of Attraction of Shinoyama Way (Tanba Vervion Page24) Shinoyama Way, which has the remnant of a former post station, is designated as National Important Traditional Build
2014/05/03 [NHK] Our Indonesian group who visited Japan was covered by the media, NHK Friday Eye our city's reverse, focused on the efforts to attract oversea customers using social net work in Yamanashi.
2014/04/23 [The Yomiuri Shinbun] The article, The moment Kansai shines in sightseeing , is published on the Yomiuri news papaer, which is about the our efforts to please the customers that FREEPLUS is offer
2014/04/21 [The Ryoko Shimbun] ”JAPAN TIMELINE to thousands travel agencies abroad. Unite information of 47 prefectures” (p.15) The article about portal website of inbound tourism to Japan, JAPAN TIMELINE was published.
2014/04/14 [Nippon Television] Our tour of customer from Myanmar was covered by the program Getsuyou kara Yofukashi under the topic Foreign touists gather unexpected spots
2014/03/10 [Inbound Tourism Manual]In ,The key person of INBOUND ~top runner of five to lead inbound industry~, Sentaro Suda(CEO) is selected as one the that.
2014/02/17 [Nikkei Shimbun] The article coverd us published in Welcome to Japan Start-up runs (p.32)
2014/02/01 [THE INDEPENDENTS Issue Feb 2014] Our president Mr. Suda got the best grandpri 2013 Indipendents Club Prize the award ceremony was posted.
2014/01/30 [Nippon Economy News] Kansai Venture Breaking his shell(Page35) The interview of our president was posted.
2014/01/01 Our representative Suda was elected to [THE INDEPENDENTS 2014 New Year Issue] 2013 Independiente Dents Club Award Finalist.
2013/12/24 [Nippon Keizai News Paper]In the part of news paper, Tourism-Oriented Country as it really is, our tour of customers from Thailand was posted.
2013/12/21 [AERA] CEO Suda was chosen as 100 Japanese to be winner in Asia, a feature article.
2013/12/17 [Kansai Television] Super News Anchor ”Ten million foreing tourists came to Japan”
2013/12/09 [NHK WORLD] BEGIN Japanology Enkai
2013/11/25 [Yomiuri Television] Kansai Information Net ten. People People People! The frontline of Kyoto red leaves covered customer from Thailand attend our tour enjoying red leaves in Arashiyama, Kyoto.
2013/10/20 [NHK] Biz+ Sunday New trands in tourism business, asking for the president Sawada in HIS
2013/10/18 [Nippon TV]news every. In The close contact with the Thai tourism tour, the group from Thailand was interviewd.
2013/10/04 [ECOZZERIA] 3*3 LABO report In the point of the view from the Japan inbound tourism,future in Asia, our CEO Kentaro Suda is greeted by guests gave a lecture and discussion about the visit Japan tour
2013/09/22 [NHK WORLD] Asia This Week APPEALING TO ASIA our group from Thailand and the FREEPLUS members working in the office are picked up.
2013/09/11 [Asahi News Paper] In Tourists increased from Southeast Asia (Page28) our group from Thailand was picked up.
2013/07/26 [FUJI TV] TOKUDANE! Truth Chaise! Sorry for attacking! What I like about Japan! Sharp Increase of Thai Tourist! Asked them about the truth! Our tour of thai customers was reported and the way they enj
2013/07/25 [Fuji Sankei News Paper] Fuji Sankei Business i. Tourists to Japan 4,955,000 people Jan-Jun The first record made in the last 5 years Our tour of Vietnamese customers was posted
2013/05/27 [JAPAN TV] Late Hours from Monday The case of the sharp increase of the number of tourists to Japan deu to weak yen
2013/05/27 [YOMIURI TV] Kansai Info Net ten. Invitation of Foreign Tourists to Osaka and Wakayama Localities struggling Our tour of Vienamese was introduced.
2013/05/01 [THE INDEPENDENTS Issue May 2013] Interview of entreprenuer Travel Agency focused on Inbound Tourism The interview of our president was posted.
2013/04/11 [TV TOKYO] World Business Satellite Japan to Be a Tourism-Oriented Country Next Aim is Interview of Our president, Mr. Suda and our tour of Indonesian customers was reported.