[Nikkei Industry News] Recruitment Power〈DOWN〉(Page3)Adventure Recruitment Syestem and Prospective Employee Internship System were introduced as our company attract students even though it is small.


It is said that students are big-company-oriented. Venture companies step up their presence even though they are small but attract students.

PLAN-B, an Internet marketing company become popular as enhancing its wellfare system such as LOVE off ; you can take a day off for the birthday of your lovers and having the canteen where has healthy food. There are many job fares supporting students who want to join venture companies due to the change in student attitude. There are more students who want to join the popular venture companies which is difficult to join even though they get a job with big companies.

What the students want from ventures companies is challenge, which they can not get from big companies.
FREEPLUS, who does inbound tourism bussiness, offer students the full-fledged Internship before they join the company. A contract employee can get bonus or even can get promoted. Some can get higher salary than other who joined the company April thanks to Internship program.
It started Adventure recruitment, which a student can start a new market on their own. ""We give them a chance to experience business from the scratch and to become capable member."" says Mr. Kentaro Suda, the president.
The first man who got a job this spring from this opportunity, Adventure recruitment, Mr. Shouta Katsuno, said ""It's fun that I can work at the frontline although I am student.""

BIg companies are still popular but actually there are more students who join small companies not big companies.