[The Asahi Shimbun] The interview of representative, Suda about popular touristic place for customer from South East Asia was published in Pharmacy store New touristic place (p.11 evening paper).


Pharmacy store locate shopping street in Minami area, Osaka is now one of the most popular place for tourist from Asia.

One of the store told that about 40% of the entire customer was tourist from China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The hot seller of the shop are basic skin-care priduct of famous brand like Shiseido, Kose or medicines and since they buy a lot at once, purchase amount per customer is 4 to 5 times more larger than Japanese customer.

Considering the popularity, the shops are proactive to acquire customers by hiring foreign staff or making Chinese advertisement and new shops.

Mr.Kentaro Suda(29 years old), the President of FREEPLUS Co., Ltd. which treat Japanese tourism from Asian countries, says that Shinsaibashi is very popular tourist spot because miscellaneous and close to Asian atmosphere. Especially for tourists from China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, pharmacy stores are very popular because they have variety of latest products in cheap price. Also, because women's magazine translated and published in China, Chinese women deman cosmetic printed in magazines. And it spread further more by word of mouth.