[Nippon Keizai News Paper]In the article, Emphasis on dialogue against hiring of new graduates in small and medium-sized giant Kansai (Kinki economy B 37 side) , our company's surprising event ,Job


With the recovery of the economy, large companies have increased the number of new graduates employed, 
on the other hand, small and medium-sized companies in the Kansai region, which embarked on securing human resources in the adoption in its own way,  are increasing.

In FREEPLUS dealing with inbound trael business to Japan, Kentaro Suda(CEO) hands to student a job offer notice,
for example he goes to his/her house. Also, the document that CEO who made the final interview has described the expectations of future employment and reason to suit every one, the notice also, has the content of your own in the world.

In order to increase the motivation from before joining in company, he has been making efforts.
In this year, he already handed new graduates13 students job offer notices.
Effect of these measures have appeared to the height of the employee retention rate.

SynergyMarketing which is dealing with customer management system, hold the discussion event for the sudents
who became unemployed, and also they explain the reasons why they became unemployed to studenst carefully.
They have been successful in securing persons with the background of the image matching with eye point of sudents. 

In order to prevent mismatches with applicants, want human resources, 
movement to advance the adoption does not rely on a leading job site navigation is also increasing. , 

Small and mid-size companies which behind major in name recognition, take actions such as 
holding the recruiting event by themselves, or small-class discussion party between new job hunting students
and against the major.

The incorporates a laborer in the securing of personnel, it is not only the private sector. Or incorporating the recruitment policy of the person-oriented, etc. devise recruitment brochure, to counter the private sector adoption frame is spreading, municipality of Kansai, has begun efforts to secure human resources.

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