[YOMIMURI NEWS] Re-excavation of Attraction of Shinoyama Way (Tanba Vervion Page24) Shinoyama Way, which has the remnant of a former post station, is designated as National Important Traditional Build


Shinoyama Way is a former Sanin Kaido which connects Shinoyama Castle ruins from Kameoka-shi Kyoto-fu to Shinoyama-shi Hyogo-ken. Shinoyama-shi Fukuzumi, which has a remnant of a post station, is selected for National Impertant Traditional Buildings Preserved District 

NOOTO, General Incorporated Association (Shinoyama-shi Hyogo-ken), had the day-tour for contact personner in tourism or government to re-excavate the attractiong of tourims rescourse of Shinoyama Way.

Staff of Tanba Citizen Department and the autonomies of Shinoyama and staff of Freeplus, who plan tours of foreign people joined this tour and expolred old way with farm house with thatch, white walls and gates.
It would be interesting if the tour has Sagano Torokko Train even though it would not be for a group. said Hiroaki Konishi, a board member of Freeplus said.

NOOTO, who trying to revitalize old falk houses, showed its eager saying that connect autonomies along the way and cheer up Shinoyama Way more.