[The Yomiuri Shinbun] The article, The moment Kansai shines in sightseeing , is published on the Yomiuri news papaer, which is about the our efforts to please the customers that FREEPLUS is offer


Guest house using the townhouses of the Meiji era Yado Haruya (in Kyoto Shimogyoku),
be visited by tourists from foreign countries through the four seasons. 

The staircase tatami, paneled in sliding door. 
French tourists who stayed also feel satisfaction with hospitality of Japanese culture, 
I feel I come in contact with the part of the history, he said.

Country has also started to move to attract the foreign travelers, how to welcome, how to entertain.
FREEPLUS which is the company planning the trip for foreigners is the fourth year since it entered 
the Japan travel industry.

Kentaro Suda CEO, said, to introduce the Japan to oversea customers, it would be 
glad we can show undisguised Japan, and customers feel it and enjoy it.
He thinks excessive production is not neessary, but also small concern is important,
such as presenting the birhday cake, or giving the disposable heating pads on cold day.

Such as the romanization of road signs and lack of maintenance free public wireless LAN,
problems which are not be said kind to foreign visitors, has also been pointed out. 

How much can accelerate urban development friendly to foreigners, 
it is also a condition to expand to make Japan fans.

The essence of tourism, cross-cultural exchange. Knowing deeply Japan, 
Japanese people greet foreigners, polish the heart of hospitality is the support to the tourism-oriented country.