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There are more twenties aiming to found a company by a spring back of a sense of danger for their future.

Chiaki Oonishi (23), Prorida, started her business, which is selling organic vegetables for restaurants from the former deserted cultivated land in 2010 when she was at university after she had an interest in producing organic vegetables in the wake of Kyoto Protocol, adopted in 1997. She created the opportunities for students who want to experience farming by showing the actual case of making money from even farming and demutualizing the organization as she wanted to create more young people who want to farm.

Gross domestic product of Japan will be overtaken by China
Kentaro Suda(29) CEO of FREEPLUS have grown up and taught the economic power of 2nd in the world , 2010, 
and surprised by this news, and decided to visit China right after that.

He saw the economic development of China, and one idea came up in his mind,
 If we can connect the economic development of Asia and the tourism resources of Japan, it would result in activation of Japan, 
and entered the visit to Japan travel industry has established a subsidiary in China.

He visited around asian countries by himself and made success manking connection with more than 800 travel agencies,
from 14 countries. 

The more than 20,000 people accepted arrivals in 2014, 
and about the number of visitors from Thailand,
that figure is along with HIS which is leading company in travel industry.

He said , Tourism resources sleeping in a rural lot., and he will start web site from April
which allow the local governments to release tourism information to asian travel agencies.

The president of Share With, Yuki Tsujikawa (29) started her own business with the invention of smart phone application which people can study like game as saying I hope that it can be a start of having a wide vision for busy workrts