[The Ryoko Shimbun] ”JAPAN TIMELINE to thousands travel agencies abroad. Unite information of 47 prefectures” (p.15) The article about portal website of inbound tourism to Japan, JAPAN TIMELINE was published.


FREEPLUS, doing business of Japan inbound tourism, released website to transmit tourist information of Japan "JAPAN TIMELINE"(http://www.japantimeline.jp/) for about thousand travel agencies abroad of April 7th.

The demand local government in Japan had which they want to promote local tourism information spread over the world,
and the demand travel agency abroad had which they want to get fresh tourism information of Japan from one website by own language.

They thought the problem of Japan inbound tourism industry is that there was nothing to fulfill these needs,
so they gathered tourism information in one website and started providing the service by 7 languages.
47 prefectures have own page in the website and prefectures are able to update and promote latest tourism information on their own timeline.
Though they need contract to use timeline, it is free of use.
14 prefectures already made contract and they are trying to have contract with all prefectures by March, 2015.