Release of Online CtoC Service “GUIDEST” Aimed at Inbound Tourists


OSAKA, Japan, Dec. 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In order to fulfill the needs of tourists planning a visit to Japan, Inbound Land Operator FREEPLUS Inc.(Main office: Osaka, CEO: Kentaro Suda) is releasing a new and unique web service "GUIDEST" ( on December 21st2015, which will put in direct contact tourists and Japanese tour guides (hereafter referred to as concierges), to allow them to take advantage of their expertise.

The service's main feature is to accept “Requests to create an itinerary and quotation” from users planning a visit to Japan, and to draw up the content of the itinerary based on the user's specific wishes. Thanks to the messaging feature of the website, the concierge can directly give advice to the user and create the desired itinerary. The itinerary agreed upon becomes the guideline for FREEPLUS Inc. to carry out the reservation arrangements if necessary. The counseling service which takes place between user and concierge is free of charge. It goes without saying that before coming to Japan and also during the tour, the user can contact the concierge through GUIDEST and ask for advice, thus being able to enjoy the travel without worries.

GUIDEST is a service which allows users and concierges to log in and create customized Japan itineraries online. Moreover, it allows users to read and take inspiration from the “Concierge blog”, a section filled in by experts of Japan lifestyle in different languages, to check tourist spots information and to add the places considered worth a visit to the individual page of possible “Tourist spots”.  

For the time being, the service is available exclusively in English, but translation to Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and many other languages is in the works.

1. "GUIDEST" Overview
・Service name: GUIDEST
・Release date: December 21st 2015(Monday)
・Cost: Free of charge(for the whole stage of counseling)
・"GUIDEST" main features:
  ・It allows users to create a unique Japan tour by taking advice from a Japan expert.
  ・It can be used for free for the whole stage of counseling.
  ・It is available in English (multilingual support soon to be enhanced). 
  ・It allows users to find out information about Japan everyday life and to read through the Concierge best advices. 
  ・It allows users to inquire about Japanese tourist spots and add them to the itinerary if deemed worth a visit. 

2. About Japan Inbound Tourism Land Operating Business
FREEPLUS Inc. was founded in June 2007, and from October 2010 has entered the Land Operating Business. 
It is specialized in creating and offering Japan tours to travel agencies based abroad. It provides a wide range of services, such as hotel accommodation, transfers, restaurants reservations and tour guide services, according to the needs of customers. By focusing on East Asia, it counts more than 400 travel agency partners from 21 different countries, and in the past year it welcomed to Japan more than 100,000 tourists. By taking the current situation of Japan into consideration, FREEPLUS Inc. plans to develop and bring to Japan 20,000,000 tourists in 2020. As part of Japan Inbound Tourism Land Operating Business, FREEPLUS Inc. strives to make Japan a tourism-oriented country, to increase the number of Japan fans and to become Japan's driving force.

3. About FREEPLUS Inc.
・Name: FREEPLUS Inc.
・Foundation: June 8th, 2007
・Capitals: 115,009,440 JPY(Including capital reserve)
・Representative: CEO Kentaro Suda
・Main Office: Manulife Place Dojima 2F, 1-4-19 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka
・Description of Business: Japan Inbound Tourism Land Operating Business, Marketing Business

CONTACT: Contact Information
FREEPLUS Inc., President`s Office, Project Development Team              
TEL: +81-06-6147-3080