「 FP HOTELS( Temporary Name )」, Inbound Specialized Hotel will be open for business in South Osaka, Spring 2017


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「 FP HOTELS( Temporary Name )」, Inbound Specialized Hotel will be open for business in South Osaka, Spring 2017

FREEPLUS Inc. that specializes in Inbound Travel ( Main Office: Osaka, Kita-ku, CEO: Kentaro Suda ) will enter the hotel business. The construction of the first Inbound Specialized Hotel「 FP HOTELS Shin-Imamiya( Temporary Name )」has been started since July 2016 and is scheduled to open for business on April 2017. Furthermore, in 5 years’, FREEPLUS Inc. plans to design and build another 10 hotels mainly in Osaka and Tokyo, thus, establishing FREEPLUS brand in Inbound Specialized Hotel business.   

1.Background and Purpose
The number of inbound tourist visiting Japan has been increasing every year, and in 2015 the number reached 19 million people ( 47.1% more than the previous year ) (※1). Furthermore, Japan’s government aims to receive 40 million inbound tourists in 2020 and 60 million inbound tourists in 2030. Thus, the expansion of inbound travel industry can be expected.
Within the hotel industry, the increasing number of inbound tourist has resulted in the upward trend of occupancy rate in urban area, for example, Tokyo and Osaka. The occupancy rate of hotel in Osaka in 2015 has reached a high number of 85.2% (※2), resulted in the difficulties of obtaining a room. Considering the area and budget, currently majority of the inbound group tourists stay in Business Hotel. However, Business hotel that was built to answer domestic demand could not meet the needs of inbound tourists. 
Having entered the business since October 2010, in 5 years and 8 months, FREEPLUS Inc. has received more than 250,000 inbound tourists from 23 different countries and arranged over 230,000 hotel nights in the fiscal year 2016. Using the know how obtained from previous results and experiences, FREEPLUS Inc. designs, build and manage new hotel in order to be able to fulfill the needs of inbound tourists coming in groups, thus, presenting lifetime memories to all inbound tourist visiting Japan.
The inbound travel business is expected to expand. To respond to the increasing demand, with「 FP HOTELS Shin-Imamiya( Temporary Name )」as the starting point, FREEPLUS Inc. plans to manage a total of 10 hotels, including the first hotel in South-Namba, in Osaka and Tokyo within the next 5 years.
※1:From Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)「 Number of Inbound Tourist( Total Number )」
※2:From Japan Tourism Agency「 Travel Accommodation Statistical Survey 」

2.Hotel Overview
・Name:FP HOTELS Shin-Imamiya( Temporary Name )
・Address:Haginochaya 1-chome, Nishinari-ku, Osaka
・Expected to open on:April 2017
・Scale of construction:9 stories building( Site Area:440.46㎡, Building’s total area:2,805.95㎡ )
・Number of rooms:100 rooms

3.FREEPLUS Inc. Overview
・Name:FREEPLUS Inc. https://www.freeplus.co.jp/
・Established on:June 8th, 2007
・Capital:115,009,440JPY( Including Capital Reserve )
・CEO:Suda Kentaro
・Address:Grand Front Tower A 29F. 4-20 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
・Business Description:Inbound Travel, WEB Marketing

4.Further information regarding Inbound Specialized Hotel

FREEPLUS Inc. President’s Office       TEL: + 81 - 6 - 7638 - 6332   E-mail: info@freeplus.co.jp