FP HOTELS Grand South-Namba - Street Food Village Open!



CEO: Kentaro Suda

Contact: Masaya Kakiuchi
Translation/English Contact: Euan McIntosh

FP HOTELS Grand South-Namba - Street Food Village Open!


Osaka, Japan: Inbound land operator FREEPLUS, (hereafter referred to as “we”) has, in the car parking of our FP HOTELS Grand South-Namba, collaborated with Replace Inc. (also based in Osaka, hereafter referred to as “Replace”) to develop and open a “STAND 3.0” street food village. This has been achieved through Replace’s service in matching street food vendors to available locations. Approximately 90% of the guests at FP HOTELS Grand South-Namba are international tourists, leading to the development of an inbound focused street food marketplace, in an unused parking lot outside the hotel. The goal is to continue the growth of night-time inbound-focused economic activity in Osaka, specifically the Nishinari area.


※Photograph is of the Osaka-Umeda Stand 3.0 project

Event Information - STAND 3.0

With a STAND 3.0 food cart, low cost quality street food is possible. Staffing can be as few as a single college student. We have ambitions to take the model abroad in the future.


・Event Location:Osaka City, Nishinari-Ki, Hanazonokita 1-2-23 Parking Lot
                 (1 min. walk from Nishi-Testu/JR station “Shin-Imamiya”)

・Event Dates : Tuesday 19th of March 2019 〜 Saturday 29th of June 2019
                ※Closed Sundays

・Opening Hours:19:00〜Last Orders(23:00)

・Participating vendors:OKUTERA, Street Ramen YAMATO

※Currently seeking additional vendors.

※Suspension of service may occur in extreme/inclement weather.



・Company Name        :Replace Inc. http://www.replace-inc.com/

・Foundation         :3rd March, 2016
・Capital          :7,000,000 JPY
・CEO             :Mr. Nakatani Joh
・Address        :Osaka, Kita-Ku, Nishitenbashi, 9-10 4F

・Activities         :Landscape design & architecture, Interior design, Food service design & planning


・Company Name        :FREEPLUS Inc. https://www.freeplus.co.jp/

・Foundation         :8th June, 2007
・Capital          :715,023,092JPY(Including reserve funds)
・CEO              :Mr. Kentaro Suda
・Address        :Grand Front Osaka, Tower A 29F

   4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011, Japan

・Activities         :Japan inbound tourism land operating business

   Hotel management business

   Tourism national acceleration business

   ... and more.

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FREEPLUS Inc.  CEO’s office: Mr. Kakiuchi
English language contact: Mr. McIntosh

TEL:06 -7638-6332 E-mail:info@freeplus.co.jp